Children + Nature Toolkit


Are you eager to incorporate nature into your therapy sessions, but not sure where to start?  Searching for printable handouts about the benefits of nature for child development and executive functioning?  Interested in the evidence behind using nature to promote executive functioning skills for kids?

This is the resource for you! Scroll down to learn more!



What’s Included:

Evidence-Based Information

If evidence-based practice is a priority for you as a pediatric practitioner, you’ll love the evidence-based tables detailing the research on the connection between nature and executive functioning for children.

Printable Handouts

Tired of creating your own printables and handouts about using nature to promote healthy developmental outcomes for kids? The colorful, information-packed printables are perfect for providing ideas and strategies to parents, teachers, and caregivers.

Tips & Ideas

This resource also includes pages of professionally-written ideas for how to incorporate contact with nature into your therapy practice and how to encourage others to enhance kids’ connection with nature to promote executive functioning.

Executive Functioning

Learn the basics about executive functions and how they impact overall development in kids. Gain a better understanding of the theories behind how nature relates to executive functioning.

Identify Activities to Target Specific EF Skills

Use the Therapy Ideas & Teacher/Parent Handouts to identify specific nature activities that can help target specific skills like: self-care, turn taking, attention, and self-control.

Space Design & Materials

The Nature + Occupational Therapy ebook takes the guesswork out of setting up a therapeutic outdoor space and provides specific suggestions for items you can use when creating your own nature “toolkit”.

More about the author: 

Rebecca Kadowaki is a pediatric occupational therapist in northwest Indiana, where she works in early intervention and at a pediatric outpatient clinic. She is passionate about getting kids outdoors and teaching families about all the benefits of play in nature! She is also studying for her post-professional doctorate in occupational therapy, focusing her research on the impact of contact with nature on children’s health and well being. When she’s not providing therapy, you can find Rebecca frolicking along the Indiana Dunes, baking bread, or reading out in the grass.

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