Dinosaur Themed Activity Pack


In this 22-page download, you’ll find everything you need for 9 dinosaur-themed activities for your therapy room or classroom!

From fine motor skills to visual skills to gross motor skills and more – this themed activity pack is the perfect way to spice up your lessons or therapy sessions!

Scroll down for more details on each of the activities!

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This activity pack includes:

Dinosaur Track Painting Activity

Create tracks by dipping the feet of plastic toy dinosaurs into paint. Set 1: Have kids create tracks from the letter to the picture with the correct beginning letter sound. Set 2: Have kids create tracks from the number to the correct set of dots. Set 3: Have kids create tracks from the object to the matching colored dot.

Hands On Dinosaur Matching Visual Activity

Hot glue a pompom to the end of a craft stick. Print, laminate, and cut out 2 copies of the dinosaur pictures. Place one set of the dinosaur pictures in a vertical line along the left side of a dry erase board. Place the matching pictures on the opposite side of the board in a different order. Draw different types of lines between the matching dinosaurs with the dry erase marker (curvy, straight, zigzags, etc.). Have kids choose one dinosaur on the left hand side and follow the line, holding the craft stick and using the craft pompom to erase the line as they go. Have them stop when they reach the matching dinosaur on the other side. Repeat until all of the lines have been erased! Once the lines have been erased, have kids use the dry erase marker to draw the lines between the matching dinosaurs themselves!

Dinosaur Matching Worksheet

Draw lines between the matching pairs of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Tracks Movement Activity

Print several copies of the footprint template, laminate, and cut out. Have kids cover their eyes and tape the dinosaur footprints on the floor in one of the patterns shown on the printable cards. When they open their eyes, tell them that a dinosaur came through the room and tracked muddy footprints across the floor! See if they can follow the tracks by walking or jumping their feet to match the footprint patterns! Have kids cover their eyes again and repeat until you’ve tried all of the patterns! Includes activity variations.

Dinosaur Bolster Ideas

Try these fun dinosaur themed movement activities using a therapy bolster.

Dinosaur Body Sock Ideas

Try these fun dinosaur themed movement activities using a body sock.

Dinosaurumpus Movement Cards

Cut out the cards. Read the book, Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton. After you read, have kids choose the cards one at a time to complete the movements like the dinosaurs in the book!

Dinosaur Interactive Movement Slide Presentation

Use the Design Your Own Dinosaur Interactive Movement Slides to drag the different details onto the dinosaur. Then, complete the movements that correspond with each of the features you chose!

Dinosaur Dance Spinner

Read the book Dinosaur Dance by Sandra Boynton. Then, try some of the dances from the book using the online spinner!

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