Interchangeable Movement Dice Done for You Pack


If you’re looking for a fun and easy movement activity for the kids in your therapy room, classroom, or home…these dice are for you!

This activity pack is perfect to throw in your therapy bag for a quick, done-for-you movement game option.

All you have to do is switch out the laminated icons on each dice to create a unique movement activity for kids that targets:

-Upper and lower extremity strength



-Core strength

-Motor planning

-And more!

This kit includes:

-2 dice (2″, colors vary) with velcro applied

-5 sets of laminated, velcroed movement cards to apply to the dice (6 cards in each set)

-1 set of laminated, velcroed number cards to apply to the dice (6 cards)

-1 set of laminated, velcroed color cards to apply to the dice (6 cards)

-6 instruction cards

Please note that this is a physical product that will be shipped to the mailing address that you enter at checkout. US Customers only!

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There are so many ways to play:

-Use one die at at a time to prompt simple movements like animal walks, yoga poses, gross motor actions, and more!

-Place numbers on one die and movement cards on the other. Have kids hold the pose or complete the number of repetitions of the movement shown on the die.

-Place colors on one die and movement cards on the other. Have kids move in different ways toward a colored object that matches the color shown on the die.

What is a “Done for You” Pack?

-The activity cards are printed, laminated, and velcroed for you

-All of the pieces and materials you need for the activity are included

Everything you need for the activity – neatly packaged and mailed right to your door!

Limited stock available – order now before they sell out!


What people are saying:

“This was a great purchase! Saved me time and allowed me to do the activities immediately. I often download these types of activities but the don’t get around to doing them due to a lack of time to laminate, cut, and purchase the materials needed.”

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