Nature and Child Development


Children and Nature is a 44-page downloadable guide to the powerful relationship between nature and child development.

Designed for parents, therapists, teachers and other child development professionals, this ebook is packed with handouts, research evidence, indoor and outdoor nature activities, and more!

Children and Nature reviews multiple areas of child development: physical, mental/emotional, academic, cognitive, social, and sensory.

Rebecca Kadowaki is a pediatric occupational therapist in northwest Indiana, where she works in early intervention. She is passionate about getting kids outdoors and teaching families about all the benefits of play in nature!

She recently earned her post-professional doctorate in occupational therapy, focusing her research on the impact of contact with nature on children’s health and well being. When she’s not providing therapy, you can find Rebecca frolicking along the Indiana Dunes, baking bread, or reading out in the grass.

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