Printable Halloween Templates for Wikki Stix & Play Dough


This fun 12-page pack of printables is perfect for kids of all ages to use in the classroom, therapy room, or even at a Halloween party! Once you print and laminate the templates, there are so many fun ways to play!

Use With Wikki Stix

Have kids use Wikki Stix to outline each of the templates, adding faces, and other details according to the instructions.  We love using these sticky wax-covered sticks to help kids make their own pictures and creations while also targeting visual motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Use With Play Dough

Kids will love adding the faces and details to each page, while also getting the chance to create their own Halloween masterpieces!  Play dough is great for targeting the skills mentioned above, with the added bonus of some hand strengthening work too!

Use With Dry Erase Markers

This is a fun way for kids to work on grasping skills, tracing, pencil control, and prewriting skills with a Halloween theme!  Tracing and drawing activities are important precursors to handwriting and are great for toddlers and preschoolers!

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