Printable Resource Pack for Therapists


As therapists, we balance a lot.  We facilitate treatment sessions while tracking and documenting progress.  We form relationships with kids while keeping in good contact with their parents and caregivers.  And we implement treatment techniques and strategies while passing along helpful tips and resources to parents and families.

This means that we need easy-to-read information that we can quickly share with the teachers and families we come into contact with every day.  The printable resources for therapists in this pack are perfect resources to keep on hand to inform your therapy sessions or to share with others who work with and care for children.

This printable pack includes:
-Inclusion: How to Provide OT Services in the Classroom
-A Guide to Discussing Sensory Porcessing Concerns
-Transition Strategies to Prevent Tantrums & Other Behaviors
-Activities for Building Hand Strength
-Teaching Kids How to Use Scissors
-Simple Core Strengthening Activities for Kids
-Teaching Kids How to Jump
-Scooter Board Activities for Kids
-Heavy Work for Small Spaces


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