Snowman Soup Done for You Pack


Now you can get one of our most popular printable activities – Snowman Soup – in a “Done for You Pack”!

What is a “Done for You” Pack?

-The activity cards are printed and laminated for you

-All of the pieces and materials you need for the activity are included

-Includes ideas for different ways to play with the activity

Everything you need for the activity – neatly packaged and mailed right to your door!

We’re only offering a handful of these “Done for You Packs” – so order now before they sell out!


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-Desperate for preplanned activities for your therapy room or classroom?

-Looking to get back all of the time you spend laminating, cutting and hunting around for materials?

This activity is for you!

Snowman Soup Done for You Pack

This Snowman Soup activity is great for supporting the development of many skills at once and is ideal for using as a co-treatment activity for occupational, physical, and speech therapists along with teachers.

Kids will work on visual skills as they scan the ingredients for the materials shown on the card.  They’ll practice fine motor skills as they place the ingredients into the container and they’ll get exposure to gross motor skills like coordination and balance. This activity is also ideal for working on direction-following, memory, counting, and more!

This kit includes:

-10 Professionally prepped instruction and activity cards

-Mini objects to use with the activity cards, including carrot noses, mittens, hats, cotton balls, etc. These small objects are a great way to grab kids’ attention and encourage engagement through interaction with novel materials.

*Please note that you will need a container with a lid to complete this activity (not included).

Please note that this is a physical product that will be shipped to the mailing address that you enter at checkout. US Customers only!

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