Turkey Themed Activity Pack


This 7-page downloadable pack includes:

Turkey Hand & Core Strength Maze (Printable & Digital Versions)

Have kids either trace the path of the turkey, or move the turkey on the interactive Google Slide.  Stop at each of the circles along the path to complete the hand/core strengthening movement.

Wikki Stix Turkey Activity

Print and laminate the turkey template. Have kids use colorful Wikki Stix to outline the lines of the picture.

Paperclip Turkey Printables

Print the turkeys on card stock, laminate them, and then have kids add colored paper clips for the feathers!

Turkey Pompom Bag

Print and laminate the turkey page. Place in a large resealable plastic bag. Add brown and red craft pompoms. Have kids use their fingers to slide the pompoms into the correct spaces to complete the turkey.

Create a Turkey Fine Motor & Movement Game

Print, cut out, and tape the turkey’s head onto the front of a large paper grocery bag to create the turkey. Staple the top of the bag shut.  Print a few copies of the feathers and have kids decorate them and write their names on them. Have them complete different obstacles or move in different ways while holding their feathers to bring them to the turkey. Staple the feathers onto the back of the bag to decorate it!

Turkey Themed Interactive Google Slide & Spinner

Spin the spinner and have kids complete the corresponding movement for each colored feather as you drag the same colored feather onto the turkey’s body.

*Please note that you have access to these materials or will be gaining access to these materials in the coming months if you are enrolled in our digital membership program.

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