Magic Potion Sensory & Fine Motor Activities Pack

fine motor activities

Use this pack to set up your very own magic potion activity station!  Perfect for therapy sessions, classrooms, play dates, or birthday parties!

On the surface, the magic potion recipes in this book may just seem like good old-fashioned messy play. And that’s exactly what they are!

What may not be so obvious? All of the amazing sensory and motor benefits kids are getting when they mix up a potion!


Printable Snowman Soup Recipe Cards

Check out these printable snowman soup recipe cards – perfect for working on visual skills, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills!

Kids love mixing and pretending to make potions and soups of all kinds!  They also love the challenge of following a recipe!

Simply collect the ingredients on the instruction page and place them in individual bowls for easy retrieving. Then, have kids use the printable snowman soup recipe cards to place the correct items in a container and then move as instructed on the card to shake or stir the soup!

Don’t have time for laminating, cutting, and supply gathering? Get all of the supplies and a pack of printed and laminated snowman soup recipe cards in our done-for-you pack! Click here to learn more!

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