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The Core Strengthening Handbook (digital download)

Do you know a student who slumps and leans in her seat?  Have a kiddo who just can’t seem to sit still?  Or maybe there’s a child you know who can’t concentrate in the classroom or during homework time.

Very often, when we see issues like these, the underlying problem is core strength.  Weak core muscles are becoming more and more common in kids today.

The Core Strengthening Handbook is the ultimate resource for fun and creative core strengthening activities for kids!  Inside this pdf, you’ll find tons of awesome exercises, games, and activities designed to give kids the strong core foundation they need to succeed!

What you’ll get in this 40-page downloadable pdf: 

-50+ Core Strengthening Activities for Kids

-Quick and Easy Core Strengthening Activities for Kids

-Core Strengthening Exercises With Equipment

-Core Strengthening Play Ideas

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