Baffled about why kids are making such slow (or nonexistent) progress with motor skills, self-care skills, and even attention?

You might be missing something.

Something that could be the difference between a frustrated, uncoordinated child and a confident, independent one.

Core Strength!

With this mini course, you’ll help kids go from frustrated and uncoordinated to confident and independent by adding creative, evidence-based core strengthening activities to your practice!

Price: $8.99

This course was designed by pediatric occupational and physical therapists to:

-Give you the confidence to identify kids with weak core muscles and document core strength concerns

-Break down the research about core strengthening into terms everyone can understand

-Help you feel prepared and inspired to help kids build core muscle strength through fun and creative activities

Ready to up your game in your therapy practice or classroom?  This is the course for you!

When you sign up for the Core Strength for Kids Mini Course, you’ll get:

-5 days of emails sent right to your inbox with all of our best core strengthening information, tips, and activities

-Printable checklists for identifying signs and side effects of weak core muscles

-An exclusive printable core strength observation tool

-Research about core strength broken down into terms everyone can understand

-Information and strategies related to core strength and functional skills for kids

-Creative core strengthening ideas that you can put into use right away (including printable handouts for each)!

It’s time to give kids the strong core foundation they need for success and independence in the classroom and beyond!

Price: $8.99

About Us

We are Lauren and Claire, the physical therapist and occupational therapist duo behind The Inspired Treehouse!  Our passion is designing and sharing activities, tips, and strategies to support healthy development for all kids.

We’re busy moms…

We want more time with our families and less time on our computers and we know you do too! So we’ve done the work for you by creating effective, easy-to-use resources.

We’re experienced school-based therapists…

We know what it’s like to be so swamped with paperwork and therapy sessions that you don’t have time to create the specific resources and supports you need.

We’re passionate about serving therapists and other professionals!

We have the privilege of hearing from our audience of school-based therapists about what resources they’re looking for. It’s important to us to create supports that are relevant and effective for our readers!

This is why we’ve created the Core Strength for Kids Mini Course:

To deliver some of our best information about core strengthening for kids right to your inbox.  If you’re looking to unlock kids’ potential when it comes to motor skills, attention, self-care skills and more – click on the button below and sign up today!