Gingerbread Men Themed Activity Pack


This 14-page downloadable pack includes:

Gingerbread Baking Movement Game

These pages include printable gingerbread men to laminate, printables and instructions to create your own DIY cardboard box oven, and simple instructions for how to use these props to create a fun movement game!

Cookie Baking Recipe Cards

Print and laminate the cards to create a fun fine motor cookie baking activity using simple craft materials.  Also includes a set of cards to add a gross motor component to the activity.

Gingerbread Cutting Craft

Use the template to create a fun and simple cutting craft for younger kids.

Gingerbread Drawing Activity

Have kids follow the directions in the poem to draw the features on the gingerbread man!

Gingerbread Digital Movement Spinner

Have kids spin the spinner. Then, repeat the rhyme from the classic Gingerbread Man story, saying the movement from the spinner as the child completes it (e.g. “Gallop, gallop as fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!)

Gingerbread Interactive Movement Slides

Have kids drag the details onto the gingerbread man to decorate him.  Then, have them complete the movements that correspond with each detail they chose.

*Please note that you have access to these materials or will be gaining access to these materials in the coming months if you are enrolled in our digital membership program.

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