The Toilet Training Book


The Toilet Training Book is a developmental resource on potty training children of all abilities and skills. Created by occupational therapists and physical therapists, and guided by child development, this toilet training resource is like no other.

Tackling potty training is a challenge for all kids! What if you had the inside scoop on development in your back pocket?

What if you had the know-how of occupational therapists and physical therapists with DECADES of experience to guide you?

The Toilet Training Book offers a developmental look at potty training for kids of ALL needs.


The Toilet Training Book is a comprehensive resource covering every aspect of toilet training.

You know the deal…
You have a child struggling with aspects of potty training…like sitting on the toilet, wiping completely, or staying dry overnight.

You have families of clients on your caseload with special needs that are ready to try potty training.

You’re not sure if your child is ready to start potty training.

Your clients struggle with physical limitations or sensory needs which impact toileting.


  • Written by a team of experienced pediatric occupational therapists and physical therapists with decades of experience
  • Packed with information on toilet training readiness and achievement of toileting success
  • Includes Toilet Training Guides for special populations (children with fine or gross motor needs, behavioral or cognitive challenges, physical disabilities, etc.) including Sensory Processing Disorder, Trauma-Informed Needs, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Provides information on interoception and the role this sensory system plays in potty training
  • Discusses common toileting equipment and special needs toileting tools
  • Includes tips and suggestions for individualized toilet training


Parents wondering where to begin with the potty training process…

Therapists working with families of young children…

Those looking for suggestions on how to meet specific physical or cognitive needs when it comes to toilet training…

Occupational therapists seeking out data collection forms to screen for baseline and functional levels…

Families just getting started with potty training…

Professionals looking for practical tips and strategies to pass onto families…

Caregivers challenged by difficult obstacles when it comes to potty training…

Parents wondering what to do next when potty training isn’t working…

This digital book includes:

  • Toileting Skills Matrix
  • Toilet Training Baseline Chart
  • Occupational Therapy Screener: Functional Skills Checklist
  • Equipment List for Typical Toilet Training
  • Toileting Visual Schedule
  • (2) Handwashing Visual Schedules
  • (5) Toileting Charts
  • Using the Toilet Social Story
  • Washing Hands Social Story

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