Printable Parent Resource Pack


Why is my child walking on his toes?

Why is she such a picky eater?

When will he ever learn to zip up his coat?

If you’re a parent, you have questions.  It comes with the territory.

Whether it’s your first child, your only child, or your fifth child – every single one develops at his or her own pace and in his or her own way.  And all kids are bound to bump into a developmental roadblock or two (or more!) along the way.  When they do, we want simple, straightforward ideas, tips, and parent resources to get us back on track.

This printable pack includes:
-What’s Wrong With W-SItting
-Toe Walking
-Sensory Red Flags
-Mess-Free Sensory Activities for Kids
-Tips for Picky Eaters
-Learning How to Ride a Bike
-Kids & Clothing Fasteners
-Helping Kids Learn to Climb Stairs
-Calming Activities for Community Outings




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