The Inspired Treehouse – Digital Membership

*Please note that we open enrollment for our membership program once a year in August.  Want to be notified when the next enrollment period opens?  Click the button below!

The Inspired Treehouse Digital Membership is like your online therapy file cabinet, jam-packed with all of the treatment plans and printable resources you need for your therapy practice!

-Visit the member page at the beginning of each month to grab the monthly activity plan, the printable parent newsletter, variations for virtual/distance sessions, a book list with extension activities, and more! Activities are geared toward preschool and elementary aged children, but can be adapted for use with older kids too!

-Track data on our exclusive individual and group data forms (type directly into the forms or print and write on them).

-Click over to the printable library whenever you’re looking for a handout or printable resource to share with parents, caregivers, or other professionals.

-Bonus: Each month, we also give away one free product to our members!

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