Rainbow Interactive Movement Game for Power Wheelchair Practice


This downloadable PDF is the perfect addition to your therapy resources for either virtual OR in-person sessions.

In this simple movement game for younger kids who use power wheelchairs, the main character is looking for the missing colors of his rainbow!  Kids click through the pages and perform different movements using their wheelchair as they retrieve objects of different colors to complete the rainbow.  This game is designed for younger kids who are just learning their colors and are learning basic power wheelchair navigation.

No fancy materials, logins, apps, or memberships needed!  All you need to do is pull a PDF up on your screen!

How to Use for Teletherapy Sessions

Simply send the PDF to the client and have them play the game while sharing their screen or pull up the file on your device and screen share it with your client, moving through the game as they direct you.

How to Use During In-Person Sessions

Display the game on a computer screen (or use a larger screen if playing with multiple children).  Have kids take turns clicking on the different selections to see where they will go next on their movement adventure!

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