Spring Therapy Pack


This printable pack is full of fun and creative spring movement activities, spring fine motor activities, visual perception activity templates, and cognitive reasoning activities that are designed for use during in-person or teletherapy occupational therapy and physical therapy sessions.

This pack is the perfect addition to your spring occupational therapy activities and physical therapy activities!

Please note:

This resource was formerly titled The Spring Virtual Therapy Pack. If you have previously purchased The Spring Virtual Therapy pack, do not purchase this product, as the resources in this pack are the same.



This 18-page full-color printable springtime activities pack includes:

Flower Seek & Find Activity

In this figure ground visual activity, kids will search for how many of each type of flower are on the page.  This activity can be used by printing the page and writing on it or the therapist/teacher can pull up the page on screen share, using the question list to ask kids questions related to visual discrimination and spatial concepts.

Playground Spatial Awareness Activity

For this activity, kids will use a picture of a playground scene as a guide to answer various questions related to spatial awareness.  For in-person use, print the page and complete the related drawing tasks. For on-screen use, simply open the page and show to the child via screen share.

Rainbow Gross Motor Maze

Print the page or simply pull it up on the screen and share with the child.  Have the child choose a color and make their way through the maze, following the matching colored circles and completing the actions on each one.

Gross Motor Question Maze

Print the page or simply pull it up on the screen and share with the child.  Start at the top of the page, asking the child the questions and following the flow chart to perform different movements and answer new questions.  Complete the maze with one of the reward activities!  A blank question maze is also included to create your own questions and movements.

Spring Gross Motor Sequences

For these activities, kids will use a picture key (springtime pictures to represent different movement activities) to complete various games while they practice gross motor and fine motor skills!  Print the picture cards and have kids place them in different sequences, completing the corresponding movements.  Have kids cut out the pictures and complete picture patterns, using the picture key to act out their patterns.  Have kids cut out the pictures to create their own patterns and sequences!  A blank picture key is also included so you can write in your own target movements.

Spring Mystery Picture Games

This game can be played in two different ways depending on target skills, age level, and cognitive ability.  One version is a guessing game using the entire field of pictures.  The second version is a guessing game using only one picture.  Guiding questions are included.

For virtual sessions:

Email the pages to families and have them print them ahead of time, or use the suggestions for playing the games and completing the activities on screen.


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