Holiday Printable Activity Pack


Feeling busy and overwhelmed this holiday season?  No time to prepare great lessons for the kids in your classroom or therapy practice?  Looking for fun printable holiday activities?

We’ve got you covered!

This printable pack is packed with Christmas movement activities and Christmas fine motor activities that are designed by our team of pediatric occupational therapists and physical therapists.

The Holiday Printable Activity Pack is full of 21 pages of fun and interesting activities that target fine motor coordination, visual perception, balance, strengthening, and more!


What’s in the Printable Pack:

Reindeer Bootcamp Printable Cards

Have kids move through the Reindeer training activities on the printable cards to get ready for Christmas day!  Print with reindeer on one side of each card and movement prompts on the other.  Laminate and use again and again!

Christmas Gross Motor Bingo

Cut out the circles on the calling card page and then pick them out of a bowl one at a time!  Kids perform the movement on the calling card and then cover that spot on their Bingo card!

Santa Says Printable Cards

This holiday twist on Simon Says is a great way to get kids up and moving!  Print the cards with movement prompts on one side and Santa faces on the other.  The leader chooses a card and provides the prompt to the group, deciding whether or not to say “Santa Says”!  Players only carry out the instruction if it begins with “Santa says”.

Holiday Drawing Pages

Print the drawing pages and slowly read each step of the poems as kids add the details to the pictures.

Present Counting Clip Cards

Squeezing clips and clothespins is a great hand strengthener for kids.  Print the present counting cards, laminate and then have kids count how many presents are on each card.  Have them clip the clothespin to the correct number.

Christmas Tree & Present Fine Motor Challenge Pages

Print and laminate these two activity pages and decorate using Wikki Stix, tape, and beads!

Holiday Seek & Find

Kids will get a great visual perception workout with this seek and find activity!  Make it even more fun by having kids cover the little pictures with small balls of play dough, Lego bricks, or beads as they find each prompt picture listed at the bottom of the page!

So what do you think?  Which printable holiday activity for kids will you try first?


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