Nursery Rhyme and Music Activities Pack


If you’ve been looking for a way to connect with the young kids in your classroom, therapy practice, or home…you won’t want to miss this resource!

As professionals and parents, we know that one of the fastest ways to promote engagement and connection is through music, rhyme, and rhythm.  That’s why we decided to create this awesome pack, full of music and movement songs for preschoolers and toddlers.

This pack is full of everything you need to create 10 fun, hands-on music activities for kids that you can use again and again!

Why is this song book different?  Most song books for kids include static pages with pictures for kids to look at as you sing together.

This activity pack brings songs and nursery rhymes to life with pictures that kids can manipulate and interact with! Read on for more information.


The Nursery Rhyme and Music Activities Pack includes 10 music and movement songs and rhymes for kids with interactive pages that you can turn into engaging music activities for kids. This pack is a digital download!

Songs and rhymes included in the Nursery Rhyme and Music Activities Pack:

-This Little Piggy
-Jack and Jill
-One Two Buckle My Shoe
-Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
-Humpty Dumpty
-If You’re Happy and You Know It
-The Wheels on the Bus
-Old Macdonald Had a Farm
-5 Little Monkeys

To prepare the pages:

1 – Print the pages and laminate.

2 – Cut out the song and nursery rhyme pictures.

3 – Place an adhesive velcro tab on the back of each small picture. Place adhesive velcro tabs (the opposite side as the velcro tabs you put on the pictures) in the center of each of the boxes on each of the song/nursery rhyme pages.

4 – Stick all of the song and nursery rhyme pictures to the bottom of each song page to begin.

5 – Place the pages into a binder or folder for easy use!

How to use the Nursery Rhyme and Music Activity Pack pages:

There are so many ways to use the pages of this nursery rhyme and music book to support developmental skills, engagement, and connection!

-For a basic introduction to the songs/nursery rhymes, simply have kids remove the pictures from the page and hand them to you or put them into a container as you say the rhyme or sing the song.

-For more of a challenge, have kids move the pictures from the bottom of the page into the boxes at the top of the page as you say/sing each part of the rhyme or song.

-Add a movement component to the songs/rhymes. Place the pictures a distance away from the book and have kids move in different ways to retrieve each picture to place on the page as you sing or say the rhyme. Try an obstacle course, a scooter, or a balance beam! Or simply have kids jump, hop, or skip!

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