Playful Learning Lab for Kids

As school-based therapists, we can count on hearing questions like these almost every single day…

How can we get kids to focus, pay attention, and engage in the classroom?

Why can’t kids these days just listen and sit still?

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that learning actually has very little to do with sitting still and a lot more to do with sensory experiences.

That’s why we created Playful Learning Lab for Kids!





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The activities in Playful Learning Lab for Kids explore concepts in reading, language, math, art, music, science, geography, and social studies, all while engaging children with movement, touch, sound, and sight.

The activities and lessons in this book include suggestions for tailoring the experience to different levels, making it a book children can grow with. The skills range from visual perceptual skills and spatial awareness, to early geometry concepts, visual motor integration, and fine motor skills.

This book will shift your entire mindset so you can begin to replace sedentary, one-dimensional lessons and worksheets with whole-body, multi-sensory activities that can instantly create a classroom or house full of active, engaged learners.


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