Winter Clothes Themed Activity Pack


In this 30-page download, you’ll find everything you need for 8 fun winter clothes-themed activities for your therapy room or classroom!

From fine motor skills to visual skills to gross motor skills and more – this themed activity pack is the perfect way to spice up your lessons or therapy sessions this winter!

Scroll down for more details on each of the activities!

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This activity pack includes:

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow Adapted Book Pictures

Purchase a copy of The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel and use these colorful pictures to create your own adapted book.

Provide each child with one of the printable templates and have them color the boots, long johns, sweater, and hat – or use the color version. Next, have kids cut on all of the straight black lines, so that each article of clothing is on its own separate strip of paper and the person is on his own piece of paper. Have the kids glue the strips onto the person in the right places (hat on head, sweater on body, pants on legs, boots on feet).

Follow the Footprints Through the Snow

Have kids find each set of boot prints and circle them with the color shown on the printable page.

Boots & Mittens Balance Activity

Print, laminate, and cut out two sets of the boots and mittens. Place a balancing surface on the floor (a Bosu-style balance trainer, a foam balance pad, or an inflatable wiggle seat). Tape one set of the boots and mittens to the floor in a semi-circle around the balancing surface. Have the child stand on the surface with both feet. If you show them one of the boots, they will step down with one foot to the matching boot on the floor. If you show them one of the mittens, they will reach down with their hand to touch the matching mitten. Repeat with all of the boots and mittens!

Winter Clothes Gross Motor Maze

Have kids choose a color and follow that color through the maze, completing all of the gross motor actions on the maze spaces as they go!

Winter Clothes Drawing Activity

Print the drawing page and a copy of the answer key page.  Ask each question on the answer key and have kids add the corresponding winter clothing to the drawing based on their answers.

Winter Clothes Clothespin Wheels

Print the pages on card stock, and laminate. Cut out each circle and then cut out each of the mittens, hats, and boots. Use hot glue or craft glue to attach each mitten, hat, and boot to a clothespin. Have kids clip the clothespins to the matching winter clothes on each circle.

The Mitten Cut & Glue Craft

Cut out the animal pictures. Glue each animal into one of the spaces in the mitten!

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