Summer Activity Calendars


Ready to side-step the summer slide?
Send these calendars home to each of the kids on your caseload…

You’ve worked hard all year with the kids in your class and on your therapy caseload.

This year, say no to the summer slide and make sure that kids don’t lose the skills they’ve worked so hard to master!

This pack of summer activity calendars is perfect for targeting:

-Fine motor coordination


-Core strength

-Hand strength


-And more!

Includes 5 sets of calendars with low-prep, simple activity ideas that are fun and approachable for families.

Perfect for OTs, PTs, and teachers!


Choose a set of calendars to send home with each child depending on the skill areas they’re working on.

The pack includes 5 sets of calendars with 3 months of activities in each set. Great for kids in preschool through early elementary school.

Fine Motor Summer Activity Calendars

Three months of fine motor fun! These calendars include tons of creative but simple activities that will keep kids working on fine motor skills throughout the summer months. The play-based activities included on the calendars target:

-Fine motor coordination

-Hand strengthening

-Grasping Skills

-Scissor Skills

-Prewriting Skills

-And more!

Gross Motor Activity Calendars

These calendars include all of the gross motor play ideas kids need to stay active and engaged all summer long. The activities included on these calendars promote:

-Coordination and motor planning


-Core strengthening

-Whole body strengthening

-Body awareness

-And more!

Handwriting Prompt Calendars

Three months of inspiring and imaginative writing prompts that will make writing practice fun over the summer months. Writing prompts include:

-Writing about your favorite things (foods, animals, vacations)

-Imaginative scenarios (what if…)

-Using inspiration from the child’s surroundings as inspiration for writing

-And more!

Fine & Gross Motor Activity (Combined) Calendars

These three calendars include mixed activities that target both fine and gross motor skills for kids in preschool through early elementary school. Activities on these calendars include ideas to support:

-Fine motor and gross motor coordination

-Hand, core, and whole body strength

-Scissor skills and prewriting skills


-Motor planning and body awareness

-And more!

Calendars for Kids in Wheelchairs

Three months of activities that are appropriate for use with kids in wheelchairs. Activities on these calendars include ideas to support:

-Sensory exploration

-Exposure to movement experiences

-Upper extremity strengthening and mobility

-Standing and balance

-Fine motor coordination

-And more!

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