The Hand Strengthening Handbook


Hand strength is one of the most common problem areas we see with kids in our pediatric therapy practice.  You can spend hours searching all over the internet and browsing Pinterest to find hand strengthening activities that will work for the kids in your therapy practice, classroom, or home.  But who has time for that?

The Hand Strengthening Handbook is a collection of more than 100 fun and playful hand strengthening ideas right at your fingertips in one easy-to-read printable resource.


The Hand Strengthening Handbook is a 48-page pdf format ebook containing:

-Information about why hand strength is important for kids
-A basic description of how the hand muscles work
-A description about what it looks like when kids have weak hand muscles
-Weight Bearing Activities
-Pushing, Pulling & Lifting Activities
-Squeezing, Squishing & Pinching Activities
-Activities for building hand strength through everyday play

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