The Self-Regulation Handbook


Pro tips, expert strategies, & tried-and-true tools to support self-regulation so kids can learn, grow, and succeed!

If you are overwhelmed by behavior challenges in your classroom or therapy sessions…

If you are frustrated with your child’s behavior at home…

If you are working with kids who need help with…

-Listening and paying attention in the classroom

-Following directions

-Interacting with peers and adults

-Transitioning between activities

-Tantrums or meltdowns

-Calming their brains and bodies

-Problem-solving and flexible thinking

-Understanding and processing emotions



This 116-page downloadable resource includes:

-Easy-to-use, research-based tools to promote self-regulation in kids

-A breakdown of the foundation skills kids need for self-regulation

-Ready-made self-regulation activity ideas that are based on evidence

-A research-based overview of self-regulation

-Self-regulation strategies and interventions

-Games and activities to support self-regulation

-Bonus self-regulation resources, including: a self-regulation observation tool, shareable QR code cards, and self-regulation books & games lists

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