Transportation Themed Activity Pack


In this 16-page download, you’ll find everything you need for 5 transportation-themed activities for your therapy room or classroom!

From fine motor skills to visual skills to gross motor skills and more – this themed activity pack is the perfect way to spice up your lessons or therapy sessions!

Scroll down for more details on each of the activities!

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This activity pack includes:

Car Wash Activity

Create your own car wash using shaving cream, a spray bottle, and the laminated car wash template. Kids can scrub their cars clean using their hands and then spray off all of the soap using their strong hands!

Vehicle Cutting Activity

For some fun cutting practice, kids can drive/sail/fly different vehicles down their paths by cutting on lines. Having the vehicle taped on the child’s thumb is a great reminder to practice “thumbs up” cutting!

Vehicle Washing Guessing Activity

Cover the vehicle mats with shaving cream. Read the hints to the child to see if they can guess what vehicle is under the shaving cream and have them use their hands to move the shaving cream around to reveal the vehicle.

Transportation Puzzles

Have kids cut out each of the rectangles and then cut on the dotted lines to create puzzles. Mix up the pieces and see if they can recreate each vehicle. Try placing the pieces at one end of the play space and having kids perform different movements to retrieve a piece and bring it back to you to complete each puzzle. Or try it on a vertical surface with magnets! Laminate the puzzles so they can be used again!

Transportation Online Movement Spinner

Kids can take turns spinning the spinner and moving their bodies like the different vehicles!


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