Beach Themed Activity Pack


This 15-page downloadable pack includes:

Deep Sea Diving Movement Activity

Kids will love “diving” under the table to retrieve the ocean animal pictures.  Use the printable clues to give kids hints about which animal to find.

Create Your Own Fish

In this activity, kids will answer questions to determine which details to add to their fish drawing.  A great cognitive and visual motor challenge!

Ocean Animals Gross Motor Maze

Choose an ocean animal and follow it all the way through the maze, completing the gross motor movement written on each animal.

Fish Fine Motor Activity

Kids will work on in-hand manipulation and visual motor skills in this fun underwater-themed activity.

Ocean Animal Mini Puzzles

Print and laminate the pages.  Cut out the pictures and cut on the lines to create the puzzles.  Have kids put the pieces together and follow the directions to add some movement to the activity!

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