Beginner Cutting Pack


These fun and engaging early cutting and snipping activities help kids practice basic foundation skills needed for cutting with scissors, including grasping scissors, opening and closing, and snipping.

Each page includes a simple cutting prompt and pictures to help kids get the feel of snipping and cutting with a purpose to create a finished product.

These pages are perfect to use as a classroom center or during a push-in therapy session in the classroom.

This pack includes 7 pages of printable cutting activities with the following prompts:

-Snipping around a circle to create a lion’s mane

-Snipping around a circle to create a sunshine

-Snipping lines to create grass

-Snipping lines to create branches/leaves/needles on trees

-Snipping to create haircuts

-Snipping around circles to create furry monsters

-Snipping around circles to create flowers

Increase the challenge to have kids practice cutting out shapes, or cut the shapes ahead of time and have kids just practice snipping!

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