What’s Missing Prewriting Activities


This pack of prewriting activities is designed to target a visual perceptual skill called visual closure. 


This download is full of more than 20 pages of visual perceptual worksheets, that include simple line drawings of animals and objects as well as more complex scenes that are missing lines, body parts, and other features. Great visual motor activities for your occupational therapy or physical therapy session!
Visual closure is the ability to complete an unfinished figure or shape by “filling in the blanks’ visually.  This skill is important as kids learn to read and learn to complete puzzles by figuring out what is missing.  Visual closure is why we’re able to read quickly and fluently – we don’t have to stop and look at each individual letter in a word because our eyes and brain fill in the blanks for us!
First, kids have to scan the page to find the missing pieces and then they can draw the missing lines and details to complete the picture.
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