Printable Classroom Resource Pack


Why can’t he just sit still?

How can I help the kids in my classroom calm down and attend?

Why was my circle time/morning meeting such a disaster?

Do these questions sound familiar?  Running a classroom isn’t easy.  That’s why it’s important to have reliable, easy-to-read, and easy-to-implement tips and strategies at your fingertips.  Tips and strategies that come from professionals who have spent years supporting kids and teachers to make the classroom experience more successful for everyone.

This printable pack includes:
Common Problems That Affect Circle Time & Group Instruction
 -Circle Time Tips and Strategies
-Circle Time Seating Options for Kids Who Can’t Sit Still
-Tips and Tricks for Waiting & Walking in Line
-Calming Sensory Strategies for School
-Creating a Sensory-Friendly Classroom
-How to Introduce Fidget Tools and Other Sensory Supplies
-Sensory Strategies for Promoting Attention
-10 Alternatives to Taking Recess Away for Discipline







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