Getting to Know You Activity Pack for Kids


The Getting to Know You Activity pack is a digital PDF bursting with creativity and connection!

Dive into a world of ice-breaking crafts, movement games, sensory activities and other resources that will spark conversation and interaction.

These activities were designed by pediatric occupational and physical therapists to foster self-confidence and strong relationships in your classroom or therapy practice.

Whether you’re a teacher, therapist, or parent, this pack of getting to know you lesson plans provides a wealth of engaging tools to help kids get to know more about themselves and each other!


This 20-page Getting to Know You Activity Pack includes:

All About Me Self-Portrait Activity

In this activity, kids will create their own drawing of themselves using the printable template.  Then, they will get to describe some things about themselves, using either the fill-in-the-blank template or the visual circle-your-answer template.

Getting to Know You Board Game

This is a perfect game to play in a small group as a brain break for kids to help them get to know one another.  As they move along the game board, they’ll answer different questions about themselves, complete movement challenges with a buddy, and answer fun “this or that” questions about their preferences and favorites.

Getting to Know Our Senses Activity

If you want to start a discussion about kids’ sensory preferences, likes, and dislikes – this is the activity for you! Gather the sensory materials listed at the top of the description page and follow the cues for how to complete simple activities to target each of the senses on the list (movement, smell, touch, and sound). Then, have kids use the printable worksheet to indicate their favorite sensory experiences.  This activity also includes a graph page to use in a group setting as a visual indicator of the sensory preferences of the group.

Simon Says Let’s Get to Know Each Other!

This activity comes with a printable prompt page to read aloud as well as printable cards for kids to choose. Read the prompts from the printable page or print/laminate/cut out the visual cue cards. Place them in a bag or container and have kids pick one card at a time.  The movement prompts/cards indicate what the kids should do if they answer “yes” to the prompt.  Activity variations are included.

All About Me Coloring Page

Based on the prompts at the bottom of the page, kids will fill in details and color the picture in different ways to tell a bit about themselves.

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