The Hand Strengthening Exercise Program


If you work or live with kids, you probably know at least a few who struggle with tasks like handwritingcutting with scissorssqueezing a glue bottleor completing clothing fasteners.  What if we told you that many of these issues often boil down to one simple thing?  Hand strength.  And, more importantly, what if we told you we had a brand new, awesome resource to help address it?

Inside the exercise program you’ll find:
-more than 20 downloadable pages of fun, creative hand exercises designed to build strength and dexterity in the hands and fingers
-more than 30 scannable QR codes linking to short videos showing playful hand exercises and activities using simple materials
-a set of printable cards with scannable QR codes on each one – perfect for creating engaging therapy sessions or classroom centers
-tracking sheet to document participation
-documentation sheet to monitor progress

Check out the program here:










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