Superhero Activity Pack


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This superhero activity 8-page downloadable pack includes:

Superhero Pose Ideas

This page includes lots of fun variations on superhero pose – perfect for core and whole body strengthening!

Superhero Rescue

Print the page of superheroes and laminate. Cut out each hero and use painter’s tape or masking tape to “trap” the superheroes by sticking them to a smooth surface. Use more pieces of tape over top of the superhero to make the activity more challenging. Use one piece of tape to make the activity easier. See if kids can peel the tape away using both hands to free the superheroes one by one!

X-Ray Vision Activity

Gather the objects in the picture. Cut a hole in the top of a shoebox and place one of the objects inside. Have kids use their “x-ray vision” (aka their sense of touch) by reaching into the box without looking and trying to try to guess which item from the picture they are feeling inside the box.

Superhero Guessing Game Google Slide Presentation

Advance to the first slide and read the clues to the child. Can they use their “superpowers” (i.e. their smart brains!) to figure out what object is hiding on the next slide? Try reading only one clue at a time – can they get the answer without needing all 3 clues?

Capture the Villains Visual Activity

Find each of the masks in the picture and circle them with the colors shown on the page. Double check your answers to be sure that you’ve captured all of the bad guys!

Superhero Patterns & Gross Motor Sequences

Cut and glue the pictures to complete the patterns for a simple fine motor activity. Or, complete the patterns and then perform the movements that correspond with each picture on the attached movement key.

Superhero Training

Try these 8 movement activities to get kids ready to be superheroes!


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