The Core Strengthening Exercise Program


Now, when you work with kids on core strengthening, you’ll have access to another awesome resource to help make core strengthening fun and entertaining for kids while promoting carryover in the classroom and at home!  Check out our latest resource – The Core Strengthening Exercise Program!

The Core Strengthening Exercise Program is one of our most popular therapy tools.  It takes some of the playful and engaging activities from The Core Strengthening Handbook and presents them in a format that captures kids’ attention and encourages participation using visual prompts.

The handouts are also perfect for printing and sharing with parents and teachers to encourage core strengthening activities at home and in the classroom.


The printable pack includes:
-8 printable core strength activity handouts
-Color images of children performing each activity
-QR codes that give quick access to short videos of children performing each activity
-Playful variations on the activities to promote participation and engagement
-Easy-to-use charts to document participation in the core strengthening activities
-16 printable core strength activity cards with photos and QR codes




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