Farm Themed Activity Pack


This 19-page downloadable pack includes:

Farm Animal Dance Cards

These cards are designed to use with the book Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton.  Laminate and cut out the cards.  Have kids choose a card and perform the movement that corresponds with the animal.

Farm Animal Dance Online Spinner

Try the online spinner with the animals and movements from the book!

Printable Clothes Cards

Laminate and cut out the cards. Place the pictures at one end of the play space and have kids move in different ways to retrieve a card (gallop, skip, jump, hop) and bring it to the clothesline to hang up with a clothespin.

Clothesline Online Spinner

Spin the wheel to see which clothing item the child should hang on the line next!

Farm Animal Bath Cards

Print and laminate the pages.  Cover the animal with shaving cream and read the hints to see if the child can guess which animal is hiding!  Have the child use hands or a toothbrush or paintbrush to clear the shaving cream away, revealing the animal.

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