Lacing Cards Mega Pack


Lacing cards are one of the most quintessential occupational therapy materials.  They’re great for promoting coordination, bilateral hand skills, and more!

But…if you work with kids who are really struggling with fine motor skills, it doesn’t take long for a lacing card to become a giant tangled mess.

That’s why we came up with these modified lacing cards! They are a better fit for younger kids and kids who are struggling with coordination and fine motor skills.  This simple version helps to support success with this task that can usually cause frustration and annoyance.


This pack includes:

Rhyming Lacing Cards

This set includes 20 lacing cards where kids match two pictures to show which words rhyme.

Simple Math Facts Lacing Cards

This set includes 34 lacing cards where kids select their answer to simple addition and subtraction facts.

Letter Sounds Lacing Cards

This set includes 26 lacing cards where kids identify the picture of an object that begins with a designated letter sound.

Animal Lacing Cards

This set include 8 lacing cards where kids identify if a certain animal lives in a home (a pet) or in the zoo (not a pet).

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