Managing Challenging Behaviors Training


Want to learn how to feel more calm, confident, and prepared when addressing challenging behaviors in toddlers and young kids?

Want to learn how to connect with kids while promoting positive behavior throughout the day?

The simple tools in this training are for you!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by kids’ tantrums (at work or at home)…

If you’re frustrated with kids who won’t listen and refuse to cooperate…

You’re in the right place! These simple strategies can be used every day by parents and professionals!



This training was designed by pediatric physical & occupational therapists who address challenging behaviors in kids every day. In this training, you’ll learn…

-The most common techniques and strategies they use to prevent challenging behaviors in kids

-Simple tricks you can use at home or at work to support positive behavior

-Sensory strategies that can help calm a dysregulated child while building connection and trust

-Playful ways to work on self-regulation with kids to help them develop social emotional skills

-Basic behavior strategies that experienced therapists and educators use regularly in their practice – perfect for newer professionals and parents

What’s included:

On Demand Video
Watch the 38-minute video at your convenience – no need to be available at a certain date/time.

Playful Strategies
To prevent behavior challenges during the everyday routine and to practice self-regulation skills with kids.

Printable Resources
Learn more about social emotional milestones, foundation skills for self-regulation, what the research says about self-regulation, and more! Includes 5 free printable handouts/information sheets.

Practical Ideas
That you can put to use right away to promote positive behavior at home or at work! Perfect for child development professionals and parents who are new to the world of child development.

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