Wiggle Worms: A Guide to Alternative Seating for the Classroom


What if you had the power to magically unlock your students’ potential?  To increase participation, engagement, and morale in your classroom?  To turn fidgety, inattentive kids into tuned-in problem solvers?

This is where alternative classroom seating can come into play!

And with our new printable guide, you’ll be on your way to creating a flourishing learning community in your classroom.  A community where kids can take responsibility for what their bodies need.  Where you can be effective in meeting kids where they are based on their styles and preferences.

You’re just one click away from becoming an alternative seating rockstar!  Perfect for teachers looking to incorporate an alternative seating plan into their classrooms or therapists looking for awesome new therapy tools for their practice.




Inside this simple resource, you’ll find:

The Benefits of Alternative Seating – Learn about why kids fidget and about the many benefits of using alternative seating in the classroom. From sensory implications to motor benefits and more, inside the guide you’ll find lots of information to support alternative seating options.

Seating Options and Descriptions – Familiarize yourself with some of the seating options that are available for use in the classroom and read about the specific benefits of each so you can find the best fit for each child.

Tips for Introducing Alternative Seating – Implementing an alternative seating strategy requires thinking and planning ahead. This guide walks you through:
-The steps of introducing new seating options so they can be used effectively and responsibly by students
-Ensuring appropriate sizing of alternative seating options
-Encouraging functional posture at school
-Securing funding for new seating options

Printable Materials
-An alternative seating contract
-A letter to parents about alternative seating
-Rules regarding alternative seating options
-A page for students to use to identify which type of seating is a fit for how they’re feeling
-Movement break cards for the classroom




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