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Going Barefoot: 10 Fun Activities for Kids

10 Creative Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids

How to Create and Use Visual Schedules

DIY Games & Activities Using Hardware Store Finds

Using Visual Cues to Promote Gross Motor Skills

What’s the Difference Between Clinical and School Based Therapy?

Easy Chores for Kids to Promote Developmental Skills

Olfactory & Oral Sensory Strategies for Teens

When Your Sensory Needs are Different From Your Child’s

What is Interoception?

19 Awesome DIY Fidget Tools

Deep Pressure: The Simplest Calming Sensory Trick

Sensory Tips for Reluctant Swimmers

Alerting Sensory Strategies for Kids

DIY Balloon Fidget Tools for Kids

Finger Games for Kids

Why is Drawing Important for Kids?

Fun Prewriting Practice for Kids

Helping Kids Develop a Dynamic Tripod Grasp

Coping Skills to Help Kids Deal With Stress

10 Calming Breathing Techniques for Kids

Calming Movement Ideas

DIY Calming Kit

Calm Kids on the Go! Calming Sensory Strategies for Outings

13 Ways to Use a Foam Roller With Kids

Using a Yoga Mat to Create Simple Activities for Kids

How to Use a Body Sock With Kids

Using Card Games to Promote Movement

Boxing Gloves : 7 Fun Ways to Play

Boomwhackers: 10 Fun Ways to Play

Scarf Activities for Kids

10 Fun Ways to Play With Lummi Sticks

Kids Movement Activities Using Tape

Tongs: Fun Ways to Play

Wikki Stix: 11 Fun Ways to Play

10 Fun Ways to Play With Dot Markers

The Best Drawing Tools for Toddlers and Young Kids

DIY Cutting Kit

Beginner Cutting Skills for Toddlers & Young Kids

10 Tips for Waiting and Walking in Line

How to Introduce Fidget Tools in the Classroom

What Are Push-In Therapy Services?

When Do Kids Need Physical Therapy in School?

Group Facilitation Tips for School Therapists

DIY Button Kit

10 Board Games to Turn into Writing Games (+ Tips!)

Creative Accommodations for Written Expression

Body Bridges: Core Strength Activity for Kids

The Link Between Attention and Core Strength

How to Help a Baby Learn to Crawl

Hand Strengthening Through Everyday Play

Why Kids’ Hands Aren’t as Strong as They Used to Be

Quadruped Position: Ways to Play

Prone Position

Planes of Movement and Child Development

Weight Bearing

How Can We Support Kids With Low Muscle Tone?

Body Awareness

The Best Floor Seats for Kids

When Kids Can’t Control Loud Voices



Bug-Themed Interactive Movement Game

Letter & Number Identification Cutting Practice Road Maps

Printable Goal Setting Pages for Kids

Scissor Mazes

Tape Collages

Math Cutting Cards

Activity Challenge Tracker Pages

Volume Game for Kids   For instructions – CLICK HERE

Teaching Kids How to Use Glue

Morning Routine Chart

I Spy With a Twist

Gross Motor Bingo

10 Days to Conquer Mini Workouts

Hand Clapping Games

Sensory Motor Scavenger Hunt

Blank Fortune Teller

Letter Sounds Modified Lacing Cards

Seasonal/Holiday Crafts


Simple Gingerbread Craft   For instructions – CLICK HERE!

Christmas Tree Cutting Craft   For instructions – CLICK HERE

Taped Up Christmas Trees   For instructions – CLICK HERE

Holiday Fine Motor Patterning Prompts   For instructions – CLICK HERE

Santa Boot Camp Game

Snowy Animal Tracks Visual Game

Roll a Snowflake Game

Snowflake Motor Planning Game

Snowflake Tape Craft

Printable Winter Clothes Craft

Valentine’s Day

Stuck On You Smelly Stickers

You’re My Main Squeeze DIY Valentines

Fine Motor Heart Art

Jumping Hearts Game


Paperclip Turkey Fine Motor Activity   For instructions – CLICK HERE

Table Setting Game – Mats & Spinner   For instructions – CLICK HERE

Back to School

School Bus Movement Rhyme

Back to School Scavenger Hunt


Skeleton Bones Visual Activity

Pumpkin Fine Motor Activity

Scarecrow Drawing Activity


Seed Collection Activity With Printables

Easter Egg Drawing Game With Printables

Summer Activity Fortune Tellers

Baby Bumble Bee Sensory/Movement Activity

Bug Imitation Cards 

Printable Post Card Templates

Springtime Writing Prompt Pack

4th of July Movement Poem